Location. Location. Location. In our case, it really is everything.

At our paddling center in Lakshmipuram Thoppu, Kollam district of Kerala, we are located at the meeting point between the Arabian Sea, Ithikkara River and Paravur Lake. We have access to both the beach and open sea, as well as calm backwaters. We are directly connected with the Trivandrum – Shoranur Canal (TS Canal) system that was commissioned in 1880. It is connected to Ashtamudi Lake on one end and Paravur Lake on the other end, and it is part of 558 km long National Waterway No. 3 (West Coast Canal).

We are close to a variety of backwaters, including fresh waterbodies, canals and open sea. Our center is at the meeting point between these waterways; it is an ideal place for paddling enthusiasts to explore Kerala’s tranquil waterways.

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A syzygy experience.

Syzygy is a term that refers to the alignment of any three planets in the solar system. It is most commonly associated with the sun, moon, and earth, but can also include other planets such as Mercury or Venus. When syzygy occurs, it is said that the sun, moon, and earth are lined up at the same time—during new moons or full moons. This can cause eclipses and changes in tides.

To pronounce syzygy correctly, you should start by saying “siz-ee-gee” with emphasis on the first syllable.

We use syzygy as a metaphor for the balance of backwaters, sea, and land with our quest for adventure. Syzygy reflects who we are, where we are and what we offer. We’re here to bring balance and new perspective when it comes to adventure, travel, and fun.