Frequently Asked Questions

No, we do not require our clients to know how to swim before kayaking with us. However, it is mandatory for all participants to wear, at all times, the rescue vests. We take your safety very seriously and want to make sure your experience with us will be nothing but amazing.

No, you are not required to bring any equipment with you, as our centre has everything you need to embark on an exciting and safe adventure. However, if you want to use your own equipment, please feel free to do so.

Kerala sizzles with wild life and exceptional birds which you will be able to glimpse at as you make your way through the interconnected channels. Equally fascinating is the variety of villages we’ll be traversing as we move along palm fringed waterways, discovering the hidden places only a kayak can reach.

For most of our programs and tours, the minim age limit is 12, whereas the maxim can go above 80. However, we can create family tours and adventure that can also include children younger than 8 years old.

Depending on the degree of adventure you want to experience, there are different time frames to consider. The best time of year to come is when you feel the need of escaping your daily routine. The weather in Kerala is pleasant all year long so in it all depends on what you’re looking for. From December to February it is cooler and drier, from March to May it’s hot and humid and the rest of the year is governed by the monsoon seasons.

Wear light clothes and choose a pair of shoes that can protect your feet. Avoid flip flops. We recommend you wear a light top (woollen or synthetic) and opt for long sleeves (UPF30+) to protect your skin from the sun. Avoid jeans and cotton garments while paddling, as cotton will feel very cold when wet. Don’t forget a change of clothes for afterwards, and your sunglasses and a hat!

Yes, our paddling centre is equipped with showers, lockers, changing rooms, and hair dryers.

Syzygy Ecosports has a zero alcohol and smoking policy in our facility or kayak or canoe.

Frequently Asked Questions

We suggest you keep your baggage as light as possible. Make sure to bring along sun protection and don’t forget about the snacks and drinks. Also, put everything in a waterproof recipient or zip lock.

We accept cash, PayPal, and PayTM.

While we have tours and classes for all experience and adventure levels, most of our day trips and tours are fine for beginners. In fact, the majority of participants have never been in a kayak before in their lives. Our tours include some quick and basic instruction and our guides are there to ensure your safety on the water. Each class will indicate what the prerequisite skills are in its description.

Classes and tours are held rain or shine basis, as long as conditions are safe for paddling. If inclement weather (lightning, strong winds, rogue waves, etc.) require cancellation of a program by Syzygy, a rain date will be scheduled or full credit be given towards a future trip, tour, class, or rental or entire amount will be refunded.

In case of cancellation, Syzygy Ecosports will refund the deposit in part or in full, as follows:

  • If the client cancels the tour 30 or more days before the agreed date, Syzygy refunds the entire amount paid less the expenses incurred receiving the payment. These expenses depend on how the payment is made and are determined exclusively by Syzygy.
  • If the client cancels later than 30 days before the tour, Syzygy refunds the entire amount paid, less the 25% deposit or INR 500, whichever is less.
  • If Syzygy Ecosports cancels the tour for whatever reason, we’ll refund the entire amount paid, with no deductions.

Participants who have medical and physiological limitations must first obtain approval from a doctor prior to participating in the activities. If a customer has a disability or medical condition, it is their responsibility to inform Syzygy Ecosports, at the time of booking. As for expectant mothers, if your body (and mind) wants to paddle, get your doctor’s approval beforehand. Paddling is a non-weight bearing sport, and being near and on the rivers make you a more enjoyable person during the pregnancy period.

Please treat the waterways with respect and do not litter. Dispose of any trash at the waste bins in Syzygy.

We recommend you remove all jewellery, including wedding rings, ear rings, piercings, and watches before coming to the syzygy paddling center. Although we provide an area to secure your personal belongings, it is easy to drop, lose or misplace jewellery, so we recommend you to leave your jewellery and small items at home or in a safe place (your car).