Syzygy ecosports kayaking in kerala kollam things to do in varkala paravur lake backwaters

Things to do in Varkala

Many tourists and travellers ask this question themselves and to others before or after reaching Varkala. If you have checked all the top-rated activities such as hanging out at the Varkala beach, renting a surf board, ride on jet ski, etc., we would like to recommend canoeing or kayaking as your next thing to do in Varkala or nearby places.

Syzygy ecosports kayaking in kerala kollam things to do in varkala paravur lake backwaters

Is the kayaking place nearby?

For those interested in paddling in sheltered waters, Paravur Lake is an ideal choice which is nearby Varkala. From Varkala Beachside Cliff, our kayaking center lies 14 km northwest and it takes about 25 minutes drive through the coastal road. As you pass Kappil Bridge, you would get a view of the Arabian Sea on the left and Edava Nadayara Lake on the right. Continuing on the same road, you would cross over Pozhikkara Spillway Bridge and from there it is just 1 km to the north of Pozhikkara Bridge to reach our kayaking center.

Syzygy ecosports kayaking in kerala kollam things to do in varkala paravur lake backwaters

Is it safe for beginners and non-swimmers?

We set up the kayaking center here after searching for a suitable location in many river-front areas. We chose this location after careful analysis of the weather conditions, waterborne risks, and above all after completing three years of field evaluation by operating from a resort. The Paravur Lake is shallow and free of any motorized fishing boats. The lake is considered to be very safe as there are no strong currents or swells or waves. Even though the lake has an opening to the Arabian Sea through the Pozhikkara Spillway bridge, this does not affect the paddlers with any waves or strong tidal flows.

Syzygy ecosports kayaking in kerala kollam things to do in varkala paravur lake backwaters

What is unique about our location?

Our location is suitable for both beginners and experienced paddlers as our paddling center is located between the Sea and Backwaters with direct access to the Paravur Lake.

Syzygy ecosports kayaking in kerala kollam things to do in varkala paravur lake backwaters

Sandbar: one of the hottest attractions around Varkala

The Black Devil Snail Sandbar is one of the hottest attractions in Varkala, and it’s not hard to see why. The sandbar resembles a small island and is surrounded by shallow gradient sand-beds, giving it an otherworldly feel. The spot is roughly 1 km away from our center, making it easy to reach in 30 minutes—even for beginners. We recommend canoeing or kayaking here if you’re looking for something new to do in Varkala!

Syzygy ecosports kayaking in kerala kollam things to do in varkala paravur lake backwaters

Temple in the middle of Paravur Lake

For those who like to paddle and explore further, we recommend to paddle towards the east and cross the railway bridge. After passing the bridge, there is a small temple, which probably is one of the only few temples in Kerala that sits on a naturally formed island in the middle of a lake. The island is not more than 200 sqm in size. During southwest monsoon period, occasionally the temple island becomes inundated due to the rising water level in the Paravur Lake. A good guess is that the temple remins above the water level for more than 355 days. The temple is roughly 3 km paddling distance from our center.

Mangrove forest kayaking near varkala kollam

Mangrove forest island in Paravur Lake

For those who like to paddle further and explore the hidden beauty of the nature, the mangrove forest island would be a spectacular destination. The kayaking distance from our center to mangrove forest island would be about 5 km. The mangrove forest belongs to a private owner and we recommend our paddlers to maintain silence and safe distance from the mangrove trunks while paddling through the narrow canals under the thick canopy of mangrove forest. This place is a habitat for abundant species of fish, birds and other animals. Please strictly do not disturb the ecosystem here and leave no plastic waste in the mangrove forest or waterbody.

Syzygy ecosports kayaking varkala mangrove forest sandbar paravur lake kollam

Lake or Backwater?

It is one lake with two distinctive waterbody characteristics. The Paravur Lake is about 6.62 sq. km in size and the flow of fresh water from Ithikkara River which originates in the Western Ghats into the lake helps maintain a very fragile ecosystem including a variety of fishes, crabs, clams, etc. The upper lake on the east, closer to the Ithikkara river mouth, is the breeding ground of freshwater fish and the lower lake on the west, closer to the sea, is the breeding site for saltwater fish species and gastropods.

Canoeing near varkala

Still looking for reasons for things to do in Varkala?

Describing the beauty and nature around the Paravur Lake is a challenge for us. Paravur Lake is also not on the popular lists of travel blogs or tourism guides, which is good one way as the lake is not a hotspot yet and free from commercial tourism destinations. But you will not be disappointed for deciding to paddle in the lake alone or in good company of your buddies and partners. Come, explore the Paravur Backwaters and create your story.

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