The dull stuff but nonetheless important. Please take time to read the terms and conditions of our cancellation and refund policy. We do our best to be as reasonable as possible.

  1. Your deposit is non-refundable. However, it can be postponed to any other activity or date in the future conducted by SYZYGY ECOSPORTS provided you request a postponement in writing prior to 14 days from the date of the activity. Within 14 days of the activity date, cancellation and refund policies will apply.

  2. All cancellations must be communicated by the person who initially made the booking by email, telephone, chat, messages, website or in person.

  3. Cancellations incur the following charges:

    1. Cancellation 15 days before the date of the activity: Full payment refunded, less non-refundable deposit. 20% forfeit.

    2. Cancellation 14-8 days before the date of the activity: 50% of payment refunded. 50% forfeit.

    3. Cancellation 7-3 days before the date of the activity: 25% of payment refunded. 75% forfeit.

    4. Cancellation 2-0 days before the date of the activity: No refund applicable. 100% forfeit.

  4. No loss of deposit on a reduction in participant numbers up to 14 days prior to the date of the activity. The outstanding balance is adjusted accordingly. SYZYGY ECOSPORTS reserves the right to change this policy without notice for any reason.

  5. Payment is due on the day of booking an activity unless otherwise arranged. Payment can be made by Bank Transfer, Cleared Cheque, UPI Wallets, Cash or Card. Card Payments can incur a surcharge (Usually 3%) of which you are made aware in advance.

  6. If a trip, activity, or expedition does not meet the minimum participant requirement, SYZYGY ECOSPORTS reserves the right to cancel the trip, activity, or expedition. We will notify you when a trip, activity or expedition is full enough for you to participate in it. Our participants’ safety is always of the utmost importance, and we reserve the right to cancel at any time due to political instability, threat of terrorism, natural disasters, inclement weather, or other external situations that would affect the safety of the trip. In such case, we will fully refund your deposit. We are not responsible for any other charges you may have incurred with the booking (i.e., travel fare, hotels, local conveyance, foreign exchange loss, banking charges, credit or debit card fees, finance charges, etc.). If we cancel the trip, we will refund your full payment that we received including non-refundable deposit.